5 Beauty Trends to Keep Up With

New trends in beauty show up all the time. Here are some classic ones that you should pay attention to.

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With the ever-growing influence of social media, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new beauty trends evolving each day. We would like to share five trends we have already seen make a huge impact on the Beauty World in 2018.

Highlight Everything

While highlighting used to be something you mainly did to your hair at the salon, it has now evolved into a makeup trend used by a lot of people on a daily basis. Whether you opt for powder, cream, or liquid highlighter, you will still get a natural glowy look. To be on trend, apply your highlighter to the high points of your face including the cheekbones, cupid's bow, and bridge of your nose. For an extra hint of glow, add to the inner corners of your eyes as well. Make sure you blend well so you don’t have a streaky look.

Dramatic Lashes

The year of 2018 has brought great expectations for eyelashes. The bigger and bolder, the better. Many drugstore lines are launching new mascara formulas with added fibers to extend the length and increase the volume of your natural lashes. The longer and clumpier, the better. If you find that your lashes just aren’t cutting it and mascara isn’t helping the way you want it to, consider adding some false eyelashes for some extra glamour.


While brows were a topic of much conversation in the Beauty World in 2017, they are not going anywhere in 2018. Microblading is the new trend for individuals who want to basically give their brows a makeover. Microblading is perfect for individuals who need to fill in gaps or add a slight arch to their brows. The process takes about two hours and will last you up to three years before it starts to fade. Microblading is a great option if doing your brows takes up a lot of time in your daily beauty routine.

Fun Skincare Products

Fun skincare products have started off strong in 2018 as a trend partly because of social media. Whether it is a traditional mud mask, a new sheet mask shaped like an animal, or a new trendy glitter mask, they are quickly appearing in selfies all over social media. Fun skincare products are also beginning to show up in drugstores or you can find recipes for homemade products, so don’t freak out about the prices.

Embracing Natural Hair

Because of social media, trends are starting to push back against impossible standards and beginning to help people accept themselves as they are. One of the best places to see this is with the emphasis on loving your natural hair. With new products hitting the market to maintain your natural hair no matter the color or consistency, there is no doubt that embracing natural beauty is sure to be an outstanding trend for the whole year.

Instead of spending hours with heat tools and products, grab a product tailored to the texture and length of your hair, quickly apply, and be on your way out the door!

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