FLOW the label - Collection Spring Summer 15


There is no such thing as "too much integrity" for the FLOW the lable brand. A brisk look at these designs will suffice to catch the calm and confident attitude that these clothes carry with them.

theodivo.com flow the label collection

It is easy to get stuck at choice: all those gowns, jumpsuits, tops and trousers are so appealing and so self-reliant.

The designers clearly have a "thing" for two seemingly opposite concepts: pinheaded details when it comes to patterns and vivid juicy colors when we get to the mono-colored garments. Both approaches are sleek and elegant thanks to the fact that the creative team always take their time to bring their work to the brink of perfection. It doesn't matter how much time it takes to сomplete the pieces: the result covers all the expectations.

There is no place for eccentricity, the designers’ goal was not to shock or provoke, but rather to enchant.

As Coco Chanel used to say, "if you remember that a woman looked stunning, but you can't recall what she was wearing, this means she was dressed perfectly". This is what we actually aim for: to make you memorable but not out-of-line. Any dress code shall be met, all etiquette requirements will be adhered to. Also, you will find it quite favorable that absolutely all hues of our garment looks well on professional pictures - a proven fact. Therefore, you can stay calm about your look from dusk till dawn, even if you start your day at the office or at a brunch with friends and plan to end it at a loud party. Adequacy is the best policy, you know.

When we feel ourselves, we perform better - in every conceivable way. Whatever waits for you throughout the day, you can be surely prepared to glide along with the flawless designs brought to you by the FLOW. 

Any on-stage performer will tell you that the state of the FLOW is easy to recognize but hard to describe and virtually impossible to fake. You either have it or you don't, they say. We can all remember days when everything goes our way, all the odds and ends meet, and the puzzle just falls in: who said that these are "lucky" days? These should be your usual routine hours! With it’s сlothing you will never have a FLOWless day again.

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