Ethno Spirit by Designer Karavay designer karavay

Brand KARAVAY formed back in 2003 prefers conceptual projection. Thematically treated collection becomes the next direction in realization of the high principles. There're three such directions marked: ukrainism, festivity, feminineness.

KARAVAY is a Ukrainian brand in its essence. However there is no direct ethno borrowings in substantial projection. The aim is to come up to demonstrative level: develop it keeping the post-industrial culture pace together with paying homage to the tradition and “esthetic roots".

She is so popular fashion designer that the fans from Europe had their heads off once they saw a syncretic power of minimalistic KARAVAY’s dresses. The designer made different elements perform cool, uniting them with the main idea of pane. However, under the surface we can see cut and shape elements representing the spirit of Ukrainian embroidery shirt. And it is so Ukrainian.

And here is the statement: back to the roots, try original.

Even if it’s ethno.

Lada Legina