Brand Flow the Label Grew From Amateur to Pro

Seems like Flow the Label is in trend

Speed up your trendization trend - flow the label

Sisters Veronica and Viktoria, Flow the Label founders, states present-day fashion should combine the progressive tendencies and traditionalism. Indeed, the girls are serious about the combination should be natural, well-balanced and look totally entire. In result:

Gee+Whoa = New Spring SUMMER 15 Flow the Label Collection. Traditional Belgian avant-gardism is improved with innovative tradition.

Flow the Label masters have made it real for Ukrainian embroidery images play in tune with the cocktail of classic, minimalist, and ANDROGYNOUS styles. The prints rock with ethno-taste, inspired by KOOKABURRA embroidery of Ukrainian artist IVAN SEMESYUK. Besides – attention please to the shape motives: developed by the experimental fashion touch, traditional Ukrainian shirt have been transformed into Flow the Label dresses, blouses, costumes and short-tops.

Whatever. What’s in general?

Seems like Flow the Label is in trend.

Speed up your trendization.

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