Luxury Fashion Brand ANDREEVA - Fall Winter 15


This Fall Winter 15 season, you can try something bold and unexpected with the collection by ANDREEVA. Actually, it's a challenge to find a designer who has so much imagination and at the same time is so reserved when it comes to cutting dresses.  The ball is ruled by deep aquamarine blue, soft peach, and a multitude of pastel shades to match the bright colors. This is not an eccentric way to look, but dresses by Andreeva will surely make some heads turn: from jealousy and excitement. Also, you'll be surprised at how many options the designer has to offer: sThe panoply of fabrics is impressive as well: jacquard, jersey, natural wool, angora, and crepe - as light as a feather. Wool and angora are used for making coats and sweaters, which makes these almost weightless yet comfortable and very warm. 

Take a closer look at these works of art: many of them look just like a kaleidoscope of patterns and elements. Put on one of ANDREEVA's dresses, for example, run your hand over its hand-knit surface, how softly its folds frame your curves, and realize that this had been created for your pleasure. 

Some of the dresses are very graphic, and they totally speak their own language: the language of bright strokes, vivid ensembles, and colorful drops. You can never confuse ANDREEVA's design with any other contemporary clothing artist, although she clearly draws her inspiration from the works of various creators of our decade and time gone by. 

ANDREEVA is not afraid to experiment; however, her experiments are well-thought and exciting: she loves her customers too much to offer them something that hasn't been tried and tested by herself.

Naivete and simplicity, boldness and courage - this is what makes this collection so special. Each of the outfits is so autonomous and uncompromised that you will find it difficult to resist. We are used to seeing sharply cut designs with artificial materials and neon colors, but this is a completely new approach and a totally new look. These designs flirt with the remnants of the 1920's style, using that era’s straight silhouettes and contrasts perfectly within this period. Don't underestimate the modesty of these outfits: their perfection becomes obvious with time.  Less is more!!

The decoration of the pieces will remind you of plentiful autumn leaves (yes, we can already hear you humming the tune quietly), the frozen snowflakes, the splashes of shades on the pavement during a heavy October rain - anything that nature has to demonstrate during the colder seasons, ANDREEVA had to evoke.

Lada Legina