Perfectly Staged Imperfection - Poustovit SS 16 Ad Campaign


Imagine a camera clicking when you wake up or while you are in the midst of a personal discussion. Photographer Julie Poly captured these intimate moment with the models of POUSTOVIT’s SS16 advertising campaign when she arranged them backstage of a show.



The models Lera Kapkaikina, Kisa and Yulia Polieva seem to be in the middle of movement as they pose in entirely natural yet somewhat compromising angles: their eyes stray from the camera, they touch each other and their hair flows amok in the photos. They hardly seem camera ready, but the three stand together in a bold statement against any prying eyes.

Complementary prints and color schemes compose the outfits, and classy details adorn the simple cuts that build the collection. From browns and reds to flowers and squiggly lines, the outfits create a commanding scene, where the viewer cannot quite stop looking at the elaborate designs. The models all done the same golden heels in the outfits and the rustic shade pleasantly complements the turquoise, white, red and black hues of the collection. Their hair is somewhat unkempt—but in the most delightful way—and their bold makeup stays true to the designs’ themes. IMAGE-KITCHEN curated both these aspects, which helped create the uniform aesthetic throughout the entire collection.

Lada Legina