Polina Veller explores plastic as a means for fashion


Ukrainian designer, Polina Veller, looks to the future with a collection made entirely from plastic.

Fashion has already seen a number of successful collections that use plastic within their foundation. It’s waterproof, unusual, and it gives a nod to what we like to think the future may bring. Not to mention, plastic is a relatively cheap medium and therefore a brilliant medium for experimental, emerging designers to explore.

Polina Veller bravely introduces her fellow Ukrainians to the perks of having plastic items in the closet. This October, she presented her performative installation at the 37th Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev.

The upcoming season allowed Veller to rethink the correlation between the living matter and the artificial fibers. More than once, she mentioned being enchanted by the opportunities that plastic gives her as an artist: "It is flexible yet capable of supporting any geometrical form".

Polina’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection welcomes A-line silhouettes, square crop tops, and rectangular dresses – all made of plastic. Whole pieces would have been a problem to put on and wear, so the designer decided to join together separate elements that snap together with tacks and buttons, meaning (importantly) this collection is also wearable. However, most of the pieces are very short, so tights may also be a good idea.

The designer chose to leave nothing between the warm flesh of her models and the cold plastic surface, but perhaps wearing a nude-coloured turtle-neck would be a sensible idea.

Veller is a preacher of purity: classical black and white, fluorescent yellow, juicy emerald green and dramatic red, bordering on the super hype marsala hue – these are the colors of her collection. She chose not to overload her pieces with prints or decorum, which we truly admire.

The accessories include Roman-style, plastic sandals and flat, plastic backpacks to match the attire. 

This collection is definitely grabbing the collection of both Ukrainian and international fashion enthusiasts. We can't wait to see what Polina comes up with next!

Lada Legina