What Went Down - Ukraine is Up the New Interest Wave


It seems like lately Ukraine has been rediscovered by the world, namely, by the most progressive musicians of various styles.

foals frand theodivo.com.jpg

For instance, "Foals", the beloved British indie rockers, shot their new video, "What Went Down", in Kyiv. Interestingly, they chose not the classical tourist baits as their SHOOTING locations, but rather preferred to explore the previously unseen outskirt parts of the city. Also, the river Dnieper, upon which the Ukrainian capital stands, is kind of featured as cameo. 

Niall O'Brien enjoyed his usual freedom to select any locations he wishes within the basic shooting area, and decided upon the grim neighborhood with tower-blocks. Those literally towered over one of the main characters of the video - a sullen middle-aged man standing still in the middle of the construction sands. 

Another, parallel plot line of this six-minute video happens in the water, where a strange couple (presumably girls) swims chasing another girl. There is a lot of splashing, scared glimpses and blurred moments. Add the slow motion of a running pitbull that eventually attacks the aforementioned lonesome man, and you'll get the general impression of what this video is. The most suitable adjectives are - intimidating, disturbing, restless, uneasy, suspenseful. The band members emphasize the "animalistic" essence of the song. The chorus repeats multiple times: "when I see a man, I see a lion". This line is awesome in terms of interpretation of meanings: the harsh and uncompromised battle that every human being leads; the dangers that follow us virtually everywhere; the enemies - obvious and hidden ones. 

The band and the crew claim they just felt it with their guts that they should make the video in Kyiv. The city is so versatile and provides so many opportunities to create a unique set that it would be a shame to miss this chance. Of course, the video doesn't feature recognizable elements of architecture or famous neighborhoods; the LANDSCAPES that the director showed in the shortcut could have been found in almost avy industrial city. But the aerial shots of the Dnieper river really pay the necessary homage to the city that hosts the story.

The members of the team are absolutely delighted with how the process went - starting from the perfect weather and ending with constant friendly cooperation with the locals. The number of bands who choose to shoot their videos in Ukraine is increasing: aside from Foals, “Mumford & Sons”, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (they actually put the beginning to this trend in 2005)? Natalie Imbruglia (2010), Rudimental (the song "Never Let You Go", 2015) and a number of others. 

Interestingly, all of these musicians and their directors agree that it's actually impossible to shoot a bad video in Kyiv: whatever concept you have - wild or traditional, the city will provide you with the corresponding atmosphere. All you have to do is tune in with it.

Lada Legina