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In 2016, BEVZA brand celebrates its 10th anniversary. We proudly present the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of the brand: these are white, black and beige pieces occasionally accessorized with golden sequinned clutch purses.

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At the veery beginning of her career in fashion, the brand's founder and chief designer Svetlana Bevza came up with her "white dress concept". It says that every woman must own a white dress - preferably of a comfortable cut, so that she can wear it often. This concept is an obvious homage to the "little black dress" cult, but at the same time Bevza dares to challenge everyone's obsession with the "classical black". She loves to explain how the white color is the ultimate feminine energy and how it symbolizes purity and hope.

In BEVZA spring/summer set, there is more than meets the eye. Many of pieces look slightly oversize - just enough to meet the grand trend of bulky silhouettes ruling the parade these days. The designer offers maxi dresses with asymmetrical shoulders, a variety of neck cuts, and half-transparent monochrome boots. She also loves to make layers: wide trousers beneath a midi dress (all in white color) is her "it-solution" for the season.

For several black dresses, BEVZA suggests a "wife beater shirt" and a special technique witht the fabrics that makes the dress surface look like huge fish scales. Many of the gowns are made of silk - the designer has a special emotional attachment to this material, just as she does towards the white color. For almost a decade now, she has been creating sensual and romantic looks for modern women around the world. However, her designs are always reserved and not rich in detail: BEVZA loves minimalism and also loves to enhance the figure features of her clients with drapings and color solutions.

Her clientele mostly consists of upper class women: media people, politicians, business ladies and the creative crowd. With such a wide range of interests, they all find BEVZA clothing suitable.

Elegant and aristocratic look of BEVZA designs won her a Vogue Talents award in 2014 - and made her the first Ukrainian designer to ever receive it. Currently, authentic BEVZA dresses and suits can be found in monodrans showrooms in NYC, LA, Beverly Hills, Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, Tel Aviv and a number of stores in Italy.

For Spring Summer 2016 collection, Svetlana chose BENARCHY as the motto. This catchy word is a mix of "be" and "anarchy": BEZVA's minimalism is non-conformist, it calls for doing the opposite of what people expect of you - and succeeding.

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