Comfort Within the Construct of a Stitch

Black is the new black for the PRZHONSKAYA collection. This constant at Ukrainian Fashion Week went back to its characteristic monochromatic color scheme, and it returned for another season of slick city styled outfits. But the collection’s urban nature is not isolated to wear only in Ukraine - from New York City to Sydney and from Paris to Tokyo, these designs are perfect for any urban wardrobe.

PRZHONSKAYA collection.

The sleek collection that centers on women’s outerwear heavily focuses on the structure of not just the piece but also of the woman.

The models  donning   the outfit appear strong not only from the rigidity of the pieces but also from their stances, emotions and demeanors.

They dish catty glares and blasé eye contact, their feet hold at shoulder length apart and they stand purposefully off-kilter in the durable outfits that

cloak them.

The wools, jerseys, cottons and leathers paired with the metal accessories, buttons and zippers within the collection are reminiscent of the best durable

outerwear to stave the cold, and the construction of each piece stays cogent to the “comfort for your senses” created with every stitch.

These epitomize the brand’s ideals of “minimalism, laconism and constructivity of the cut.”

PRZHONSKAYA collection odivo.jpg
PRZHONSKAYA collection. theodivo.jpg
PRZHONSKAYA collection theodivo.jpg
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