5 Emerging Fashion Photographers To Know


We love to find out about brilliant emerging fashion photographers, and we're sure you do, too. It's with that we have put together a list of some fantastic emerging fashion photographers from all over the world who we think you should check out:

1. Lena Shkoda

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine but now living in New York, Lena Shkoda is a fantastic fashion photographer, shooting beautiful urban images. Her black and white work is something to really admire, and with international clients from Luisa via Roma and Wella, to Wrigley and Motorola, Lena has carved herself a signature that people all over the world adore. In addition, Lena is very well know for her work with applauded Ukrainian designers, including BEVZA, Anton Belinskiy, LITKOVSKAYA, KAMENSKAYAKONONOVA, and PODOLYAN. Lena's work has also been featured in international fashion publications such as Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Client, and Flaunt.

See more of Lena's work at www.lenashkoda.com

2. Cecy Young

If you love film, Paris-based photographer Cecy Young is a very creative individual you should be aware of. Specialising in beauty, lifestyle and advertising, Cecy creates stunningly raw images that have an air of real life about them. She has shot for brands and publications all over the world, including Nylon Mexico, i-D Mexico, and quirky London-based clothing brand Lazy Oaf. Strong, pretty and, usually, very feminine, Young's work should definitely be on your radar.

View more of Cecy's work at www.cecyyoung.com

3. Yulia Zhdan

Another Ukrainian favourite, the young and promising Yulia Zhdan is probably best know for her brilliant work for our very own Ksenia Schnaider, including lookbooks and campaigns. She even did some re-touching for our very own AW15 campaign, and we couldn't have been happier to work with her! Yulia works with both digital and film, and her work is again very raw, but also very contemporary and artistic. Working with lots of promising Ukrainian talents, Yulia is someone to check out if you love everything new and beautiful.

4. sally/emily

Based in Jakarta, Sally Ann and Emily May Gunawan are a high-fashion photography duo creating editorial and campaign-ready images, as well as beautiful shots of commercials, their travel adventures and weddings. sally/emily have a fantastic eye for composition and lighting, and their use of it helps to create memorable images with a pristine finish. They also have an artistic twist, occasionally mixing collage and other forms of media into their work. With features in internationally renowned publications, from NYLON to Grazia and Marie Claire, sally/emily are a fantastically talented duo to keep your eyes on.

See more of sally/emily's work at www.sallyemily.com

5. Sophia Kahlenberg

German-born and London, UK-based, Sophia Kahlenberg is a fantastic emerging photographer shooting both men's and women's fashion. Sophia has shot editorial for the likes of Hunger Magazine and Vogue.it, and she also does a great job at capturing new faces for some of London's top model agencies. With a clean-cut edge and a streak for moon and lighting, Sophia always manages to capture her models perfectly - emphasising the beautiful garments they are sporting as she does so.

Take a look at more of Sophia's work at www.sophiakahlenberg.com

If you know an emerging fashion photographer you love, let us know in the comments below!

Lada Legina