Interview with Texas-based artist and photographer, Katy Shayne


We were delighted to get the chance to interview Austin, Texas-based artist and photographer, Katy Shayne about her work, style and dreams. With a distinctive style and raw approach, Katy's work is something you'll fall in-love with at just a glance.

Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born in West Texas and moved every few years growing up. I began photographing in high school but I always loved imagery and creating images before then. I was drawing and illustrating books when I was a toddler. I wanted to tell a story and I still do.

Where is your favourite place to visit?

I love Paris, but in the United States I love San Francisco and New York. I have not traveled much in my own country.

How do you describe your aesthetic?

Feminine, tension, suppressed passion, surreal at times.

What do you love about Texas, and Austin in particular?

Austin is what I love about Texas. There are magical moments anywhere but Austin has a unique, relaxed lifestyle that I love. I feel safe and at home here. Outside of Austin, Texas is very familiar to me even when I do not always feel I belong anymore to those parts of the state. I had a unique upbringing betwixt the rural and the urban. I can appreciate how hard it may be to find where you belong.

What sort of style do you have when it comes to dressing?

I am always so bad at pinpointing my style. I love a mix of Victorian meets modern, mod hair and so on. Margiela, Comme des Garcons and Issey Miyake are my favorite designers.

How do you make both fashion and art intertwine?

I think fashion is art. One begets the other. Self-expression and self-expression.

What do you feel is the biggest achievement of your career so far?

I thought shooting for a respected fashion magazine was all I wanted in the world. I shot for Elle last year and it was challenging, exciting and a great experience, but ultimately learning who I am and what I want is the achievement I have yet to reach but am working on.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! Music, nature, walking around the neighborhood, coffee.

Who is your dream client and why?

Myself! If I could create for myself only and make enough to be self sufficient... But outside of that I would love to photograph Bjork. I would love that so much.

Is there anything exciting coming up in the next year or so you can tell us a bit about?

A print magazine I shot for will be coming out this Fall. It was a feature on a female artist I am so happy to have met and respect so much. I hope to go to Japan this next year, but that is still in fledgling stages. Also, I am playing with video a bit more now.

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