An interview with Washington-based style blogger, Julien Garman


We interview Washington-based style blogger, Julien Garman of "It's Julien", about her lifestyle and love of fashion.

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When it comes to style bloggers we absolutely adore, Julien Garman of It's Julien is way up there! That's why we decided to ask Julien for an interview, where we could pester her about her lifestyle and love of fashion. Lucky for us, she said yes!

What are some of your favourite designers and brands? Where do you like to shop?

I’ve really fallen for smaller designers lately. I got to preview the FW15 SUNO collection and was swooning over everything. There’s this local designer I love, Erika Schrieber, and I’ve been drawn to so many of her pieces this season. For jewelry, I can’t help but mention Sophie Blake, another local designer who has stolen my heart with her bold bracelets. I find myself shopping at Anthom, a store that carries smaller designers – they just opened a store in the Lower East Side that I can’t wait to visit! Estiletta is one of my favorite onlines boutique that carries smaller Italian and Spanish designers. It’s such a hidden gem! For big box stores, I’ll often visit Nordstrom, Free People and Fashion BNKR.

What made you start your blog?

A lot of things, really. I was looking for a space to share my stories, my style, my perspective on life and the blog was born! I was also looking to build relationships with like-minded, super ambitious women and to this day, my blogger friends are some of my best friends. I also wanted to find a way to intentionally define my style, and really discover what that meant.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say I’m part romantic, semi-minimalist, and a bit classic with a dash of bohemian thrown in there. I’m a bit all over the place, but I find it works for me.

Where do you love to vacation?

I really love California. I grew up visiting in the summers and my heart and soul are there. If I feel like adventuring, I’ll head to Yosemite. If I need to soak in the rays, I head to Manhattan Beach or San Diego. Napa Valley was a dream when I visited years ago – I can’t wair to go back! Abroad, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Italy.

What do you love about DC?

I love the energy here in DC. People are wildly ambitious, hard workers and very supportive. You get to experience all the seasons here (Fall is the most beautiful, although my favorite remains summer!) Best of all, my family is here!

Tell us a bit about your background.

Before blogging, I worked in the magazine industry as a marketing coordinator. I outgrew the position I was in and now work full time marketing for a commercial real estate company. I love what I do, and having the blog satisfies the crazy fashion girl part of me that doesn’t see the light of day in the corporate world.

What do you get up to when you're not blogging?

I have so many hobbies! I love cooking so, so much. And eating. And finding places to eat. And drinking coffee. Staying active is super important to me as well (given how much I love to eat!), so I enjoy biking, strength training and running.

Flicking through ODIVO, what do you love?

I’m in love with this pastel blue skirt from Andreeva ( I love pastel blues because they can be worn all year long. I’d wear this with a silk blouse and mary jane pumps for work or a crop top and a low block-heeled bootie for the weekend. I’m in major swoon mode over this Ksenia Schnaider dress, too – I love the length, the pattern – it’s everything. I’d wear my hair slicked straight back with a pair of pumps and minimal makeup to really bring focus to the dress.

What's your favourite style tip?

Less is more. It’s so cliché, but I always think that the worst you can do is overdo it.

When it comes to celebrity style, who do you love?

I love everything about Blake Lively’s style. She’s my style icon for sure. She’s trendy while being classic at the same time. I love that about her!

What do your friends think about your blog? Are you their personal style guru?

My friends are so supportive of the blog... They’ll comment, ask me about a certain outfit when we grab coffee... But the funniest part is how they equate having a blog with being famous. I’m so down to earth that it’s, I think, more than their personal style guru... I try to help them discover their own style.

How do you stay in shape?

90% of the time, I’m eating clean. This is SUCH a huge part of staying healthy and feeling great for me. I spend a little time doing cardio, but focus primarily on strength training. I follow a lot of recipes from the Fit Girls Guide – it changed my life.

What advice would you give to bloggers who are just starting out?

Just do it! I waited so long to start my blog until I felt ready... But truthfully, you never feel ready. And be authentic. People want to know the real YOU! Not the perfectly styled you.

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Julien wears: silk screen-printed Ksenia Schnaider t-shirt. Find similar items here.

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