San Francisco-based style blogger, Tienlyn of Thoughtful Misfit

We were recently very lucky to interview the stunning Tienlyn of San Francisco-based blog, "Thoughtful Misfit".

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Tienlyn is a Jack of all trades and, in addition to blogging, she is also a model, stylist, and a television host! Pretty cool, huh?

Take a look at what we found out about Tienlyn's great taste in fashion, love of travel, and her trick to a healthy lifestyle...

Tell us some of your favourite designers/brands. Where do you like to shop?

I tend to lean towards more boutique, well-crafted brands with a strong point of view. I love Reformation, Misha Collections, AQ/AQ, Mossman Clothing, and SAU for everyday pieces, and I’m also loving Flow at the moment! For accessories, I love Mirlo, Kamryn Dame, Vasic New York, Oliveve, and Marie Turner. I shop mostly online, but I often discover wonderful new brands when I’m shopping in local boutiques.

What made you start your blog?

I’ve worked as a model, a stylist and as an editor, and I have an interest in photography so it just made sense! But the light bulb didn’t really go off until a friend of mine pushed me into it. I’ll always be grateful to her for that.

How would you describe your style?

I’m very drawn to sharp tailoring as well as sculptural elements. There’s an element of glamour or sophistication to most of what I wear, but usually with some kind of edge, or dressed down element. I love neutrals and classics, but always with a contemporary twist.

Where is your favourite place to vacation and why?

We recently bought a home in Joshua Tree so we’ve been spending a lot of time there! We renovated our home ourselves so it’s a really special place to us, and the desert has a certain kind of energy that you just can’t compare to anywhere else. Palm Springs is a short drive away, so we spend plenty of time there as well. I adore the modern architecture there! We also go to Maui once or twice a year so that’s a very special place to us as well. When we’re there, I can feel any stress of the city just wash away.

What do you love about where you live?

We live in Professorville which is a part of Palo Alto, outside of San Francisco. There’s a lot of history in this place, as well as a sort of intellectual energy that is really inspiring. There’s a lot of innovation coming from this place, but there’s still a strong connection to the history of the city. Plus, if there’s any place in the world that just might have the most absolute perfect weather, it would be Palo Alto - a huge plus in my book!

Tell us a bit about your background...

I started my career in fashion through modeling, but that quickly changed to styling and producing because my favorite part of the job was the storytelling element - and the clothes! I’ve alway written for publications on the side, so my progression to working as an editor was very natural. I still work freelance as an editorial director, and I also host a shopping show for Joyus. I have a hard time doing just one thing when there are so many exciting projects to be a part of!

What do you do when you're not blogging?

I’m really interested in health and fitness and my husband and I also love to travel. We’ve always had trouble staying in just one place. We like to work on random creative projects together as well, which is partly how we got into renovations. He’s definitely better with execution, but it’s a pretty collaborative endeavor and something we want to continue to do!

Can you name a few pieces on ODIVO that you love?

Like I mentioned, I’m really loving Flow! The fabric drapes so beautifully and the proportions are really unique. There’s an effortlessly sexy element about the entire line that is right up my alley. I must have a thing for their pants because I love their wide leg trousers (did I say love? I think I meant need), and I also adore their high-waisted flare trousers. The hand print is so cool!

Karavay’s Canvas Jacket and Fitted skirt are pretty much a dream outfit. I also really like Ksenia Schnaider. I don’t often wear prints, but when I do, I like them to have a graphic element, which she does excellently.

What's your favourite style tip?

Figure out what your actual aesthetic is, outside of the trends. And then find a way to apply that to the current trends. It keeps you consistent (which means not ending up hating everything in your wardrobe), and it helps you figure out what trends you like and which ones you can do without.

Do you follow the style of any celebrities?

Not really, but I do love Gigi Hadid’s style. It’s pared back and simple, but extremely effective. It’s sexy when it needs to be and it’s polished when it needs to be. I love that.

What do your friends think about your blog? Are you their personal style guru?

My friends are pretty stylish! So I don’t think I’m their personal style guru. We all give each other feedback and I highly value theirs and hope they value mine. My family, on the other hand, all consider me their personal stylist. I get photos with outfit questions every single day!

How do you stay in shape?

My number one trick has been to listen to my body. I’m not one to slack off and just skip a workout. But I will definitely listen to what kind of activity my body wants and go with that. Sometimes that means running hard for 5 miles. Sometimes it means walking for 2, or just taking a yoga class.

As far as eating, I don’t eat meat or dairy and I keep fish and processed sugar to a minimum. But I eat a lot and often. I’m obsessed with soup, and raw veggies and hummus! I think the trick is to find comfort foods that are easy to make and healthy. Also having a husband who is a fabulous cook doesn’t hurt at all!

What advice would you give to bloggers who are just starting out?

Whatever you do, just keep it consistent, both in how often you publish content, and in the quality of your content. That’s the best way to build inertia!

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