Ksenia Schnaider and Ali Saulidi Collaboration


The Ukrainian brand KSENIA SCHNAIDER included sneakers in their cruise collection 2016 for the first time.

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The Ukrainian brand known as KSENIA SCHNAIDER included sneakers in their cruise collection 2016 for the first time. The designers Ksenia and Anton Schneider created them in collaboration with the Kiev shoemaker called Ali Saulidi. The sneakers are made of Alcantara eco-leather lightweight rubber soles to ensure soft walking. Thanks to the elastics sewn into the tongue, the shoe wear looks quite laconic and can be worn without laces. The sneakers are decorated with prints based on traditional Ukrainian patterns, they are also repeated on clothing of the collection: dresses, tunics, sweatshirts, skirts and tops. The brand presented its collection early July, at MORE DASH showroom in Paris.

"We took my renowned model of CVn Sneakers and KSENIA SCHNAIDER signature prints. As a result of the synthesis we got ourselves a decent product, - Ali Saulidi commented on the collaboration. - A variety of geometric patterns allows you to expand the lineup. Soon there will be other options that we will develop together with the SCHNEIDER’S".

The prints by KSENIA SCHNAIDER include the famous camouflage patterns that contributed to making the brand known amongst the connoisseurs. Also, you will find charming the curved thin black lines on the white background; the 8-BIT PIXELATED patterns; geometrical figures, too. Dotted prints are found in abundance as well, however, it is the classical camo pattern that loyal Schnaider fans still hold dear. Once there even was a tailored camouflage pattern generator for the true fans. There are also impressionist echoes when colorful strokes of paint imitate the traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns. In a word, Ksenia Schnaider cannot leave you without a choice.

Ukrainian brand KSENIA SCHNAIDER has teamed up with Ali Saulidi, the shoemaker to create a joint collection of shoes. As a result, Ali Saulidi's sneakers collection acquired copyrights of CVn prints that Ksenia and Anton Schnaider create every season.

The designers have continued to experiment with the traditional Ukrainian motifs, making them modern and relevant. The сollaborative collection of shoes accompanies the outfits from the spring 2016 cruise collection by KSENIA SCHNAIDER, who plays new games with the image of the traditional Slavic peasant woman.

Lada Legina