Anna October: a Severe Splash of Color anna october

ANNA OCTOBER continues her stardom “secret garden” story that brought her to international recognition. This time, her collection is all about the unexpected. First, there are glazing black dresses and gowns; next, you suddenly have your eyes wide opened by the coralline and adamantly blue.

This is all about her: unexpected, flirty, quick to laugh, fleeting. Her choice of material fits this description: viscose, satin, chiffon, beads, mohair intertwined, interrelated and all mixed up. The goal of the collection seems to be not only to dress you up but to entertain you, to make you widen your comfort zone frame a little bit. Or not such a little bit.

The one thing that is unmistakably ANNA OCTOBER is her unique dotted decorum on various parts of the dresses: the dots are all relatively small, but they flock in groups and catch the eye immediately. Also, they are made of a contrasting color that makes this part of the dress stand out visually.

When it comes to describing Anna’s choice of colors, I can’t help but think of the confectionery store: cream, peach, lilac, mildly yellow, candy pink and then right away – orange and black. Those splashes of color can conjure a real multitude of emotions: spring break, a vacation on a hot beach, a cat on a hot tin roof (just wait until you seen that metallic-looking dress), a whole swirl of impressions. By the way, speaking of the impressionists, those of you who have seen Matisse’s paintings, will trace the inspiration for this collection back to him.

These pieces of clothing are for women who are not used to being loud or preposterous; they know exactly when to speak and when to be silent. They are not afraid of their emotions, however strong they can be. And most of all, a woman dressed by ANNA OCTOBER is true to herself, and this is the shortest way to her happiness. With high heels or flats, with knit accessories or with none at all, with a cloak or a mantle, such a woman is a natural beauty expressing herself every second of her life.

Some of the designs boldly reveal the shoulders and the collar line, adding fineness and grace to the look. Other are shrewdly buttoned up and reserved, but made of a sleek fabric that doesn’t denounce the playfulness that the original cut will offer you.

The only thing you will have to do is give in to the rules of the game that ANNA OCTOBER has prepared for you, and all the other magic should better be left to her extraordinary attires.

Lada Legina