Essential Skin Care Tips for Busy People

Being on a tight schedule makes it difficult to take care of yourself, especially cosmetic needs like skincare. The obvious downside to having limited time to care for your skin when you're on a busy schedule is that you likely are more tired, yet need extra loving for your skin. Here is a list of four essential skin care tips you can use to quickly give your skin the right care when you are constantly hurrying from point A to point B.

Essential Skin Care Tips for Busy People

Cover Your Skin With Sunscreen Every Day

One of the worst skin ailments is skin cancer caused by UV exposure. Sunscreen blocks harmful UV rays. UV rays also tend to age skin. If you are on a tight schedule, you can easily keep a bottle of sunscreen on your bathroom counter for easy access. After you brush your teeth in the morning time, take out the sunscreen from the cabinet or take it off the counter and place a small amount in your hand. Apply it all over the surface of your skin to protect your skin from the aging and damaging UV ray exposure throughout the day.

Let Your Skin Breathe

One of the biggest mistakes people make with the treatment of their skin is to cover it with way too many products every day. This is a waste of time, money, will treat your skin too harshly. The best option is to take it easy on the skin care every day. Avoid over cleansing and over moisturizing your skin. Skip cleansing your skin in the morning if you can, and just stick with using an SPF moisturizer.

Allow your skin to breathe as often as possible. Use concealer wherever you need it, but avoid applying a full face of foundation. Remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day with a cleanser, and be sure to apply moisturizer. Allowing your skin to breathe every single night so it isn't choking on makeup can help slow aging.

Get the Right Skin Care

There is an overwhelming number and diversity of skin care products on the market, all seeming to offer unique, must-have benefits. You do not need to buy every single product out there; first, it’s a waste of money. Additionally, it is time wasting to apply too many skin care products every day. You need to determine your skin care needs precisely, then select a cleanser and moisturizer to use that suits your skin type needs and the current seasonal issues. You may also want to choose an eye cream to treat your eyes every night. Perhaps you can select a facial mask or a serum that you may use once a week or so as a special treat to your skin that you don't have to apply every single day.

Stick to skin care necessities though — multi-use skin care may be ideal if you are especially busy. Buying a moisturizer that also contains SPF is an ingenious way to cut back on time. BB cream is a particular favorite for nurses and grad students; it’s a great facial moisturizer option you can use to help your skin and simplify your morning routine.

Always Use a Body Moisturizer After Swimming, Showering, or Bathing

It may seem time wasting to apply a body moisturizer on after swimming, showering, or bathing, but it will do a lot of good for your skin, and it's really simple to apply a body moisturizer or body butter. Leave a body lotion or body butter in your swim bag or on your bathroom shelf for a reminder. Right after stepping out of the water (although if you went swimming, wait until after the shower), put a generous amount of lotion or body butter into your hands and rub it into your skin. Focus on dry areas of your skin, like your knees and elbows.

You should also keep a lip balm in your purse or bag to apply on your lips to keep your lips from drying out. You can easily and quickly apply this to your lips throughout the day. Be sure to pick a brand with staying power, like Smith’s lip balms.


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