One of the Top Most Wanted Video Shooting Locations


You have definitely noticed that Ukraine is trending nowadays, but we bet you didn't think of this land as a hype music industry Mecca. Well, shooting music videos on the territory of this amazing European COUNTRY has become a trend already! MUMFORD & SONS band.jpg

The Grammy award winners, "MUMFORD & SONS" band posted a newsflash on Facebook: "Shot on location in the beautiful countryside surrounding Kiev by director Alex Southam, the band are very pleased and proud to present the new video for new single "Ditmas".

The snapshots from the video really are impressive: endless fields of gold, pure skies covering the horizon, and the kozaks - renowned Ukrainian warriors, those decent men with weird hairpieces on the tops of their heads. These men were genuine fighters, and free spirits: one of their favourite sayings was "I only bow my head in front of God... when I wish to do so". For generations of Ukrainians, these liberty volunteers epitomized strength and glory, and continue to do so nowadays.

So when "MUMFORD & SONS" decided to SURPRISE their fans with an outstanding video, they turned their heads towards Ukraine and its legendary legacy. Their example was followed by others: for instance, "Foals", who also shot their brand new video in Kyiv this summer.

Turns out that Ukraine managed to rethink its historical past to make it suit the turmoil of today. Despite all the challenges of the rapidly changing global worls where history often turns into anachronism, Ukrainian past is UNPRECEDENTED alive and kicking. In fact, the roots of their culture are now more influential than ever.

You can notice this tendency in young Ukrainian music: bands like Onuka and DakhaBrakha experiment with folk motives and revive the best indigenous singing traditions; clothing artists like Ksenia Schnaider and Karavay create unparalleled outfits that echo the very core of Ukrainian soul. Lots of ordinary people in Ukraine express their heartfelt joy for the process of revival of the traditional culture: finally they started to value truly the treasure that they inherited from their forefathers.

Us, the rest of the world, can only share the uprising of these unbreakable people whose blood carries the spirit of those who tamed wild horses, built their independence, composed love ballads and marching rhythms of equal beauty and whose culture we can enjoy today.

Lada Legina