THEO Designer Brand


The designer calls himself an introvert when it comes to creating images and giving birth to new ideas. theo designer brand

He looks within himself and searches for inspiration in his own emotions and reflections rather that in the world around him. This makes his designs even more amazing - when you know that these pieces have been created not by inspiration of nature or people, but by his own strengths and weaknesses. THEO says he loves to provoke, and the usage of metallic-colored fabrics and see-through details is all part of this little carnival. You can see it yourself: a gleaming tough leather trench coat, for instance, is likely to become the heart of the wardrobe. THEO's mood changes quicker than seasons come and go: this, too, can easily be seen in his collection. He combines the seemingly inappropriate things, but put together, they start to sound beautifully synchronized.

The designer is a pure perfectionist: he won't limit himself to clothing only. His models walk in the shoewear he created and carry the bags that he worked on. When you ask people who know him personally, you'd be thrilled at how many aspects THEO has to his talent: he is a TV show host, a hairdresser, a thinker. Many would call him a visionary - in terms of a conceptual understanding how the modern-day person should look. This is a "renaissance" type of talent when a person is equally good at many spheres. THEO is autonomous, buT the one who is a perfect fit into the luxury-seeking society of ours.

THEO brand is currently developed in three various directions: the Ironic one, the Straight one and the Eccentric one.

The Ironic groups of attires are strongly feminine, but at the same time bright and fearless in terms of color.

The Straight set is laconic, based on menswear cut, with deconstructivist elements.

Last but not least, the Eccentric sub-collection offers you a variety of unforgettable late night looks. Any party you are willing to attend, you will crash with your original outfit.

THEO is not afraid to experiment, to play with contrasts, which has already won him a great deal of praise, recognition and flattering comparisons: to Stella McCartney and Dior, at least. The fashion critics and the photographers adore the cosmopolitan chic of THEO's attires, their sophistication and distinctive singularity, sprinkled with everlasting elegance.

Lada Legina