A Resort to Exult - Ksenia Schnaider Resort 2016 Collection


Ksenia Schnaider resort collection 2016 is something to talk about.

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KSENIA SCHNAIDER resort collection 2015 is something to talk about. First of all, this is a perfect summer addition to your wardrobe. Second, the designer and her assistants took the most common stereotypes about the usual warm season attire set and turned it into a new, unexpected limelight.

Meet the luxury of the simple bucolic life; yes, you did not mishear it: the freedom to wear bright colors and stressless cuts is, in fact, genuine luxury. Slavic simplicity is deeply symbolical: you will find spirituality, strength, and even audacity in there. Just look at how boldly the designer mixes the colors. All of the attires are creates to beat in unison with the nature, not to contrast with it. These designs look unbelievably good among the leaves of the trees and the fresh hay, at the seaside and by the mountains.

One of the things that makes this collection so wearable is its compatibility. Take one item and insert it into your usual capsule wardrobe, and you will see how beautifully it will fit it.

This PRE SPRING 15 collection boasts its multitude of prints that follow the same concept but offer a variety of options – just like the snowflakes that are unique and unforgettable.

The skirts are mostly midi, many of them are A-shaped, and thus very comfortable and non-demanding in terms of posture or the way you walk: KSENIA SCHNAIDER has always been known as a designer who aims to make the life of her clients easier and more enjoyable.

The traditional DNA code of the brand is its famous embroidery or prints that imitate it, and this collection is no exception from this rule. The silhouettes are so weightless and ready to soar that they make you want to spread your hands and breathe deeply. The sense of freedom makes one speechless.

The designers managed to rethink the cultural code of the Ukrainian nation, to extract the most signature elements from it and remaster those in their linen and cotton pieces. Although very recognizable, the ethnical motifs offer a new interpretation every time, and never fail. With this, the inspiration may be boundless, yet every time KSENIA SCHNAIDER is perfect at surprising us with a brand new and smashing gorgeous set of looks.

Lada Legina