KARAVAY Everlasting Phantasy


Designer KARAVAY is impeccable at rethinking classical ideas and turning them into fresh, unseen porcelain-looking masterpieces.

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She is innovative in terms of materials to enliven the abstract images that live inside her head: linen, leather, faux fur, metallic thread, chiffon, wool, printed embroidery, sequins, it leads and much more. Nothing is too much, and nothing is random: she uses decorations perfectly. She doesn’t create pieces that scream out for attention; instead, KARAVAY uses understated style and combined with an inherent love for ethnical elements, it leads to absolute excellence.

 The collection uses the basic black, white and red triad, accompanied by various hues of beige, with greyish colors and mellow green. These are the absolute must-use shades for the ethnical motifs the designer applies in the majority of her designs. When KARAVAY works with red, she is a commonly renowned master: there is a crimson dress in this collection that will prove this. The type of fabric and its length allows for a really broad flight of fantasy: the flowers and leaves can be boisterous and huge, stretching all over the chest or the skirt, or they can be shy and tiny, spread whimsically here and there.

The designer chose to accessorize her collection with high-ankle sneakers and fur backpacks, to add spontaneity and naivety to the mood. For those of you who are already somehow familiar with the works by KARAVAY, these elements will be clearly recognizable: A-shaped skirts and dress hems, V-cuts on the blouses, decorative neck clasps and fasteners, unusual haberdashery and irresistibly elegant long sleeves. Also, if you feel that you can handle it, try the dresses with the magnificent trains – a little bit unusual, but definitely worth the effort.

 When it comes to belts, it is hard to resist those slim, thin ones that KARAVAY has manufactured for her latest collection: embroidered or decorated with tassels, they are appealing to women of different tastes and ages.

 The first words that come to mind when you flip through the FW 15/16 lookbook, are simplicity, relaxation and free will; once you wear her pieces, the word “luxury” comes to your mind.

Lada Legina