Bringing Boho Back: Five Looks We Love

Some tips for looking like a free-spirited bohemian with your wardrobe.

Bringing Boho Back Looks We Love

The word Bohemian has a lengthy and winding historical etymology. In today’s fashion world, we have shortened Bohemian to Boho, and often enhanced it with the use of Boho-chic. Boho evokes a sense of freedom, being in tune with the Earth, and drawing style inspiration from natural settings and symbols. Bohemians traditionally have lived art and travel-filled unconventional lives and their place in history is fluid, ever-changing and present even today. Below are some tips for looking like a free-spirited bohemian in your own wardrobe.


1. Flowing Lines

One of the main tenets of Boho style is not to appear constricted in any way. Boho is not the place for pencil skirts or body-con style dresses. When looking for boho clothing, look for flowing lines and loose garments. Urban Outfitters or less pricey retailer Earthbound Trading have these types of items. 


2. Cold Shoulders and Bell Sleeves

While modern boho-style draws inspiration from the 1970’s, modern twists are available, such as the cold shoulder. Cold shoulder shirts are shirts with shoulders cut out, but still having sleeves. The shoulders may be completely bare or have a thin strap. These style shirts are often available with bell sleeves- giving off a sea-side pirate vibe. Stone Cold Fox and Free People often have this style in droves.


3. Maxi Skirts

Gone are the days of moo-moos. Modern boho gives way to maxi skirts in many styles and prints. Take a high waisted Maxi, pair with Greek sandals and you’ll nail the boho look. Maxi skirts are comfortable, easy to move in, and make you look like a wild spirit. Small retailers hailing out of sunny areas such as Australia and California are big manufacturers of boho style, such as For Love and Lemons and Flynn Skye


4. Jewelry

Cosmic, geometric, traditional. Those three categories characterize almost all modern boho jewelry. Small or large, it is not about size, but rather the way the jewelry is worn and the content of the jewelry that makes it boho. Look for natural symbols and stackable rings. Small business retailers and boutiques such as Tipsy Gypsy Clothing and Hope Ave Boutique are great places to find this kind of jewelry.


5. Prints

Take note from Lilly Pulitzer, prints are one hundred percent boho. Look for florals or Mandala style prints. All colors encouraged, even if mismatched.


Luckily, Boho fashion has become easily attainable at all price points. Keep the above ideas in mind but look for what you love. Boho style is about being effortless and natural.

Bringing Boho Back looks
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