Want to Be a Fashion Photographer? 5 Tips to Get Started

Whether your goal is to create a killer Instagram feed or get your photos featured on fashion magazines across the globe, here are a few tips to get the perfect shot.

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Whether your goal is to create a killer Instagram feed or get your photos featured on fashion magazines across the globe, here are a few tips you can incorporate into your next photoshoot to get the perfect shot.

Educate yourself

Not everyone needs to go to school and study photography to become successful. In fact, one of the great things about fashion photography is that it doesn't require a degree. However, if you're serious about keeping up with current fashion trends, models, and the photographers who shoot them, educating yourself one way or another is critical. There are several educational websites dedicated to the topic, as well as a range of quick courses. Your portfolio will thank you.

Shoot where you are

Believe it or not, you don't need a gorgeous white sand beach or visit a run-down building in a shady part of town to get an editorial shot. The goal is not to find the perfect location — really it only needs to be wide enough to fill the frame without distracting from the subject. Instead of looking for a mile wide field of sunflowers, that small patch inside your local floral shop might do the trick. Don’t be afraid to make your own background, either, like what Called to Surf did for this shot:

But keep in mind that sometimes no background is best way to let a stunning item speak for itself.

Pose naturally, but strategically

Awkward hands are enough to ruin any photo and get your portfolio tossed into the trash. Be aware of your model while you are shooting them. Common things to look out for are flyaway hairs, hands that don't bring value to the image, and the model's jawline. You want to bring your subject's face upwards towards the light to create a glowing profile.

Bring in props

Props are another simple way to make or break an image. Using props allows you to bring your model into your location in a way that looks natural rather than on a photoset. Your props will vary depending on your personal style and the inspiration behind the photos, so don't be afraid to have fun with them! Common props could be flowers, balloons, throw pillows, or furniture.

As with backgrounds, make sure your choice of props will not distract from the subject. For example, white couches with a clean aesthetic like these from Arizona Custom Cushions might be a better choice than something with loud colors or avant-garde design. What could you do with these scene?

Create a portfolio

Once you've completed the steps above and gotten some awesome photos, you'll want to put them into a portfolio to further grow your photography brand. Keep in mind agents like to see a sense of cohesiveness in your portfolio through your images. Whoever is viewing your portfolio wants to see a visual story as they flip through. You can keep your style cohesive using techniques such as using similar colors, props, or locations in your photos.

Breaking into the fashion photography world will be a long and wild ride, but using these five tips getting your first clients should be a lot easier.



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