Game Changing Accessories on Runways Today

Here are a few game-changing accessories that have recently been worn on runways today!

Game Changing Accessories on Runways Today

When it comes to looking fashionable and trendy, we look to the runway for inspiration. Although many different clothing items make their appearance on the fashion scene, the jewelry and accessories that emerge are just as important to create an unforgettable look. If you want to rock a chic style, there are a few game-changing accessories that have recently been worn on runways you can use in your own wardrobe.


Patterned Bags

Although beige and black bags have will always have a place in your closet, patterned bags are increasing in popularity for the pop of color and detail they add to different types of outfits. These bags are the new statement piece that breaks rules and will allow for greater personal expression. You can walk around with an accessory that becomes a conversation piece and will allow you to dress up a neutral outfit without resorting to patterned blouses.


Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are in vogue for their bold design that draws attention to the eyes. The skinny sunglasses have been used in runway shows by Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Miu Miu with both casual and formal attire. 



The fashion scene is all about transparency in 2018 with clear and plastic accessories that give a nod to past decades. Many models have been seen sporting clear handbags and shoes, which pair well with different types of prints and color shades. The unconventional design makes it a hit among fashionistas and is a playful look that can dress up any outfit when you want a bold statement piece.


Ear Bling

Earrings will always be a part of your jewelry, but ear bling has reemerged for the added attention it draws to the face. Ear bling looks high-end and classy on women who want to add a dramatic touch to their office outfits and edgy on more casual looks. Pull your hair back and show off the studs to enhance your image with a fun accessory.


Chunky Necklaces

Chunky necklaces are now back in style. Bold, solid looking metals are great for breaking up an outfit and create interest without having to add extra accessories. Another new feature in necklace design are aromatherapy necklaces that hold in essential oils or fragrance. Make your day natural and elegant with these alternative options.


By taking advantage of the different accessories that are popular, you can increase your confidence and look stunning. Playing around with different looks will prove to be fun and will enhance your appearance.

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