How to Select Jewelry That Compliments Your Style


Jewelry is one way to add a finishing touch to any outfit for various occasions. Jewelry can either make a statement or compliment another feature. It can be worn every day or on special occasions. Jewelry may have sentimental value despite being inexpensive, or it can be a valuable heirloom piece passed down through the generations. In either case, your jewelry should complement your style. Here are some tips and tricks on accessorizing any outfit.

Consider Color Palette

The color palette isn't just your clothing. It's your makeup, hair color, accessories and sometimes your surroundings. Think in terms of photo opportunities, keeping in mind not just your wardrobe but your surroundings as well. Neutral colors like gold and silver work well with almost anything, but if you really want to make a statement, consider using complementary colors. Liven up a monochrome outfit with bold jewelry in complementary colors.

Consider the Occasion and Purpose

Dress for the occasion or activity. You wouldn't wear white to another person's wedding, nor should you wear chandelier earrings on a rock climbing date. Fancy, fine jewelry is more suited for formal occasions or more romantic outings rather than everyday wear. Statement jewelry may be too distracting for the workplace, but perfectly appropriate at a black-tie event. While diamonds and denim can coordinate in some contexts such as everyday stud earrings, you probably won't want to wear a tennis bracelet during a casual picnic at the beach.

Costume Jewelry — Fad or Fashionable?

Costume jewelry is a great way to get on board with current trends, in an inexpensive manner. Using replica materials such as plastic, costume jewelry is made to look like the real thing without costing an arm and a leg. However fashionable things like chunky bubble jewelry maybe, you also have to keep in mind the byproducts of your choice. Fast fashion is quickly becoming a large source of pollutants in our landfills. For some, an investment in versatile fine jewelry that you won't throw away after a few uses is a better move than something that's on-trend just for now.

Finding the right jewelry that compliments your style is about making the right choices to select the appropriate accessories for your outfit and the occasion. Statement jewelry looks great during formal events or special celebrations with classic outfits like a little black dress but maybe too much to be worn every day. Consider choosing pieces in the context of your surrounding color palette, including your outfit, makeup, and background surroundings to choose something that will make you stand out in photos and look great for years to come.

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