Do Your Makeup Like a Pro With These 3 Tricks

Makeup Like Pro-Tricks

Whether you’ve been doing makeup for years or you’re just getting into it, these three cosmetic tricks are useful to any makeup enthusiast looking to further refine their technique without sacrificing personal style.

Apply Liquid Foundation with a Beautyblender

The problem with traditional beauty sponges is they soak up too much product. Using a brush can also be a waste of makeup, or worse, leave your face with a streaky finish. If you’re someone who likes to splurge on a high-end liquid foundation, using a traditional beauty sponge or brush is just flushing money down the toilet. The Beautyblender, released in 2007, absorbs much less product. Absorption is even less with a damp Beautyblender, leaving you with a smooth, even application. The Beautyblender is easier to travel with than makeup brushes and is designed to last longer than cosmetic sponges that are sold in packs of 50.

Use a Lighted Mirror

Have you ever spent ages to achieve the perfect look, only to walk outside and be frightened by the same look in natural light? Using a lighted mirror will give you a better idea of what your makeup actually looks like, both in natural light and the harsh office fluorescents, and the bright light can help you wake up in the morning. It’s a must-have, and aside from the obvious beauty application, lighted mirrors can go a long way in making your bathroom more attractive, too!

Waterlining & Tightlining

Waterlining and tightlining with eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes appear brighter or larger. Waterlining is applying eyeliner to the waterline of your lower eyelid. Tightlining is using the waterlining technique on the same part of your upper eyelid. To do this safely, use waterproof eyeliner, avoid liquid eyeliner, and do your best not to move your eyeball while applying. To brighten your eyes, use a darker shade that’s complementary to your eye color. To make your eyes seem larger, use a white eyeliner, or a coral or off-white if you have darker skin. For fuller-looking lashes, tightline with a dark eyeliner.

The art of makeup is constantly evolving, and it seems like there’s something new to learn every few weeks. These tips, though, are timeless, and using them is a sure-fire way to create a polished look no matter what’s going on in the makeup community.

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