Band HURTS visit Ukraine’s music and social scene again


This is exactly why HURTS, the universally celebrated electronic duo from Manchester, Great Britain, have visited Ukraine. Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have shot their latest video, Wings, in Ukraine’s capital Kiev.

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Universally celebrated electronic duo, Hurts – fronted by British musicians, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson – recently shot their latest video, "Wings", in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. 

"Wings", one of hit records from the 'Surrender' album, was released worldwide on November 11th. The party and performance scenes in the video were shot at various top-notch locations in Kiev, including several luxury hotels and restaurants. The director – the bold yet feminine Dawn Shadforth, who is a massive fan of Fellini movies – brings her filming background on set and did most of the location scouting herself, which had an impeccable outcome.

Ukraine has always shown huge interest in Hurts, and this video is no different. Ever since their first album, "Happiness" (released in 2010), Hurts have acclaimed unconditional love of their Ukrainian fans, as well as its socialites and jet-setters. Smash hits like “Wonderful Life”, “Devotion” (featuring Kylie Minogue), “Blood, Tears and Gold”, “Illuminated” are regularly played at receptions, galas, private parties and all types of social events in Ukraine – aiding the growth of this fantastic duo through unique remixes by some of Kiev's most applauded DJs.

Hurts have had a series of sold-out concerts in Kiev (one of which was held at a local high-end club, and others at the sports ground), and several smaller ones – in Odessa, Ukraine’s major southern city, which happens to be a remarkable partying location. In March 2016, the band will be back in Kiev for another performance, and they promise to surprise the fans with a spectacular show and set list.

Theo and Adam have brushed up on their knowledge of Ukrainian culture, too. They are heading to Ukraine, hoping to learn the new names in the fashion industry, too. After having stumbled upon varieties of artisanal accessories by young Ukrainian designers, the band have developed a curios bone for the potential of the country they have been hearing so much about in the news. Hutchcraft and Anderson have repeatedly displayed polite but sincere interest in fashion industry: they are perfectionists and have a desire for their videos and looks to be as flawless as their sound and lyrics. 

Because of the considerable interest in Hurts from Ukraine's fashion industry already, the band will definitely have the chance to explore all the facets of fashion in Ukraine – including visits to the must-see concept stores and underground and up-scale workshops and ateliers. After all, their music and their sophisticated videos are an integral play-along part of the Ukrainian fashion scene.

We can't wait to see Hurts in Ukraine again!

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