Ukrainian Legacy: Not Just the Roots, But Also the Bloom

Ukrainian Legacy


Lately, I just can't help the idea that this explosion of bright Ukrainian attire is kind of artificial and it's all for the show. I think my impression is quite justified, but I'm sure it will take just a little time for this feast of colors and shapes that evaporated into time and space will be reborn and returned us with its exciting vintage charm.

You should specifically note the appearance of these new colorful pure springs that we call the new brands. This clothing fills the soul with a unique spirit of heroism and mysticism, and if you will, of sexiness, however strange that might sound. 

So basically what I got from viewing all of this is the outstanding effort to express the state of mind of the whole nation, and to this end, to create the new color and shape. The extraordinary desire, the need to express themselves is what moves the master artists who do not hesitate to experiment with colors and shapes, simplify and distort the images with the sole purpose to reach the unknown, to discover the soul of the universe, and to express it in clothing. The Power That Be uncovers itself to its fullest. In the material "things", there is hidden a spiritual essence, anguishing to find liberation. You will agree that this is a great mystery, tantalizing and exciting, difficult even to analyze. Of course, words are powerless and "very unnecessary" here.

The enchanting beauty of Ukraine, a powerful source of inspiration for artists, which is inherent for the last decades, was explosively replaced by the luxurious impressionist painting (prints on the fabric).

I think these items are a surefire investment in the "antiques" of the future. This clothing creates a sense of victory over routine, makes an unforgettable experience, spurs emotions that will long be accompanied by contact with an exclusive ethnic clothing, that both appeal to the depths of human origins, encoded in each stitch, in each semitone.

Lada LeginaComment