Makeup Trends that Actually Make Sense

Makeup trends have given us some crazy looks, but these ones actually make sense.

We see some crazy makeup trends these days as we scroll through our social media feeds. When we stumble upon things like nose hair extensions and braided eyebrows, we let out a deep sigh and accept that we will never keep up with all the different beauty trends. Honestly, we aren't even sure if we want to! Lucky for you, we rounded up the four best beauty trends that actually make sense.

The Fresh Face

Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow are the pioneering women of this look: that the best makeup, is no makeup at all.

Instead of using makeup, this trend uses different skin care products to achieve the fresh-faced look. A good consistent routine of a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, and moisturizer daily is the key to this simple look. Beauty bloggers are leaning towards natural face care products for the ultimate health of your skin, especially with this look.

Nudes with an Attitude

This trend is all about full-faced makeup, but instead of bright colors and harsh lines, it aims to enhance the natural colors and tones of your skin. This look amplifies your natural beauty while also giving that glamorous edge. All you'll need to achieve this look is:

-matte foundation

-apricot toned blush

-sheer rose/mauve eyeshadow

-a light liner on the eye

-black mascara

-nude pink lip gloss

Apply these products lightly to make it look like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. It’s sure to fool just about everyone you come in contact with.

Lined Eyes, Bright Lips, and Cheeks

This is the signature Lily Collins look that we all dream of rocking in our everyday lives. This trendy-look focuses on bringing attention to the eyes, cheeks, and lips, while keeping the makeup over the rest of the face simple, to keep attention to those areas. All you'll need to achieve this look is:

-Matte finish foundation

-Black liquid eyeliner

-Volumizing mascara

-Bold blush

-Bold lip color

To complete this look, make sure your brows are full and perfectly shaped. If you weren’t blessed with beautiful brows, microblading can solve your problems. This cosmetic procedure can help you match your brows to your face shape.

Glowing Skin and Shimmering Eyes

This is the Khloe Kardashian signature look. This look brings out the glowing angel inside of you, as it illuminates your entire face. All you'll need to achieve this look is:

-A dewy finish foundation

-Pearlescent highlighter to amplify cheeks, chin, and forehead

-Bronzer for contour

-Gold, shimmering eyeshadow

-Black liquid liner

-Lengthening mascara

-Coral lip gloss

This look is particularly good for going out at night or low-light situations, because the shimmer in your makeup will sparkle just enough without being overwhelming or looking like you dunked your face in glitter.

Whatever look you choose to rock, own your style. The best part about makeup is that you can try whatever you want and then wipe it off and start over again. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the various trends.


Makeup Trends Actually Make Sense
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