Runway to Reality: What's Changing in Traditional Beauty Standards?

Here’s a celebratory look at what’s been changing in the fashion and beauty industry.

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Perhaps famous American sportswear designer Michael Kors said it best when he told Vogue magazine in 2017 that the runway has gone far beyond the traditional requirements of the catwalk model: "Fashion today has no borders." Kors is right and thank goodness for the drastic changes and more inclusive attitude about today's beauty standards. Here’s a celebratory look at what’s been changing in the fashion and beauty industry.


Merci, Ashley Graham---Beauty Is Individual

Age, shape, and ethnicity are no longer defined in narrow categories for the women and men walking the runway. Society has embraced the fact that we're a huge world with all types of shopping customers demanding to be heard, respected, and offered the same large variety of fashion and accessories whether we're slim or curvy.

In 2016, Ashley Graham starred as the first plus-size model ever in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. In 2018, the curvy brunette opened the show for designer Christian Siriano; that was another first for a plus-size model, reported MSN Lifestyle. 


Uniqueness is In-Style/Demand Today

The options now are greater than ever for people wanting to undergo cosmetic surgery, according to the head of the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). David H. Song, MD, MBA, FACS, says that women are asking for more shapely behinds and minimally invasive treatments like dermal fillers for the face and lips. Voluptuous lips and razor-sharp cheekbones are popular on the runway, and not every model has been born with these glamorous features.

The catwalks often dictate the popular trends like fuller eyebrows and bee-stung lips. Models with exotic faces and some with exotic backgrounds are also grabbing headlines. A former Miss Japan title winner, to a model autism awareness activist, the range is extending. According to Revivology, today’s estheticians use technology and the latest techniques in beauty to achieve new standards of beauty, without being permanent. Things like hair extensions, semi-permanent makeup, and


Social Media's Impact on Millennials

Millennials are tapped in, tuned in, and turned on to today's society and pop culture like no other generation. They have become a generation of inclusiveness and are unafraid to take to social media platforms to let their interests be known.

Millennials like selfies and believe that a little cosmetic enhancement can be a good thing. Instant gratification is important to younger people. Diversity is key, and all kinds of faces and bodies create new beauty standards in fashion.


The 5'10" super slim model who wears a size zero will probably never be replaced on the runway, but times are changing, and tradition has loosened up significantly. Runway to reality has sparked the new face of beauty, and it is so refreshing to witness.



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