Onuka is a Ukrainian music band that is starting to make its name known far beyond the bordersof its native country.

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Onuka is a Ukrainian music band that is starting to make its name known far beyond the borders of its native country. Despite the fact that it has only been “discovered” this March during the Yearly Ukrainian National Awards ceremony, it has already managed to make its way to one of the Europe’s premier musical events, Sziget Festival, which takes place in Budapest from the 10th to 17th of August. Last year, this particular event was awarded the title of the best European music festival of the year, so being invited to it is definitely a huge honor.

This amount of recognition towards a band that was founded only two years ago seems shocking. However, listening to the beautiful melodies produces by these talented musicians proves that the attention is well-deserved. This group is truly unique in the technique it uses to charm its audience.

Onuka is an experimental electronic band that consists of four people. Nata Zhyzhchenko, the front woman is also the one creating the lyrics for the group. Maria Sorokina is a beautiful drummer who can charm the audience by creating a captivating beat. The third lady of the band is Daryna Sert who plays the keyboard. The last but not the least important member of the group is Yevgen Yovenko. He plays bandura, a traditional Ukrainian musical instrument that can produce truly heavenly sounds. This strange combination of electronic and traditional music is what makes the band stand out. The members of the band are fascinated by their national culture, and they work extremely hard to show the rest of the world how beautiful Ukrainian traditional music is.

Of course, no matter how good, folk is not the genre that can win over the audience of today. Thus, Onuka developed a method to combine the sounds of their culture with electronic beats that will be welcome at any dance floor. The resulting mix is “spicy”, loaded with energy, and so full of life that you can’t help but fall in love with the songs. A Show to Remember There is no arguing the fact that Onuka’s music deserves recognition, but this isn’t the only thing special about the group. These young performers really know how to put on a show. Their costumes are designed by Lesya Patoka, one of the most promising young Ukrainian designers.

Working with a renowned hair stylist, Andriy Kupchinsky, she creates amazing images that enhance the magical atmosphere of Onuka’s concerts.

The group may still be young, but it had already managed to win over quite a few fans abroad.

The performance at the approaching festival is definitely going to be a show that will propel Onuka’s success further, so soon even more people will be able to discover the unique beauty of Ukrainian culture.

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