4 Reasons Why You Need Aloe Vera in Your Beauty Routine


Here are some reasons why aloe vera is a must.

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Everyone looks for a special product that can help your skin look young, firm and clear. Although there are countless creams and lotions on the market, the solution may be found in a common house plant, Aloe vera. This desert plant retains moisture in a gel-like substance in its thick leaves. Aloe vera gel has long been celebrated for its healing and cleansing properties. Here are four reasons it is increasingly being incorporated into beauty and skin care routines.

Anti-Inflammation and Anti-Redness

Aloe vera gel contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that comfort itchy, red skin. This makes it a soothing treatment for poison ivy or other allergic skin reactions. It can also be used to relieve mild cases of acne and eczema. By addressing the underlying inflammation, Aloe vera can help bring your irritated skin back to normal.


Healing and protection are perfect tasks for the Aloe vera plant. Many people include aloe in family first aid kits where it is frequently used as a gel. Aloe vera has been used to treat damaged skin. It is especially helpful for dealing with sunburn or other mild skin injuries. The compounds in the gel can jumpstart the healing process. It is not unusual for people to keep aloe plants in the kitchen, where it can be used to treat mild burns quickly.


The salicylic acid in Aloe vera gel is the same substance that is in many exfoliating products. Regular exfoliation keeps your skin looking younger, smoother and more vibrant. The gel is mostly made of water, which means that it also helps your skin hold moisture. Another benefit to Aloe vera is that the gel does not leave you with a greasy residue like many other skin care products.

Anti-Aging Properties

The healing properties of Aloe vera go beyond sunburn and poison ivy. Aloe gel can also help your skin stay more elastic, preventing wrinkles. Keep in mind that Aloe vera gel is known to prevent wrinkles but not reverse them. The antioxidants in the gel can help prevent and minimize dark spots as well as limit the creation of free radicals in your skin cells. 

If you are thinking about Aloe vera gel as part of your beauty routine, the plants are easy to find and require minimal care. For beauty purposes, it is best to purchase Aloe vera gel with no colors or other additives. This helpful plant may be the natural beauty treatment that your skin needs.

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