3 European Beauty Trends Hitting America in 2019


Here are some beauty trends from across that ocean that are coming to America

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There are so many innovative indie brands born every single day. With the endless stream of new products and trends taking over social media, it's easy to see why the beauty industry is thriving. This year's top Fashion Week trends have served up some major inspiration, especially in the hair and beauty department. Let's take a look at the top European beauty trends that are hitting the U.S. this year.

All-Natural Minimalism

With everyone joining the wellness movement, you'll be seeing less bold and more natural when it comes to hair and makeup. Tinted moisturizers and matte/cream bronzers are being used more to enhance naturally radiant skin. You'll also be seeing more use of light coverage products to create warmth in the face and let all those imperfections shine. Splurging more on high-end facial moisturizers and creams instead of cosmetics are the new minimalist necessities. 

With so many new trends to watch, the all-natural minimalism look is all the hype not only with makeup, but also with hair. Hair styles that take minimal effort like beach waves, tussled pony tails and the wet look are making a total statement this year.

Natural-Color Eyelash Extensions

Natural-color eyelash extensions are being spotted everywhere, and for a good reason. Lash extensions provide a fuss-free alternative to applying mascara multiple times throughout the day. It offers a more streamlined approach to your morning routine. While extended or lifted eyelashes aren't going anywhere soon, matching extensions to your natural color looks like the order of the day in 2019.

If you're considering getting natural looking eyelash extensions, do your research. Spend time looking into a lash-extension technician before booking your appointment. Go for the classic application to get the most natural-looking results and be sure to take good care of them. Your lash extensions shouldn't get wet at least 24 hours after application, you should avoid eye creams and your extensions should be cleaned with lash cleanser and brushed daily to maximize their longevity. Make sure to always make a statement with your lashes.

Glitter Overload

Sparkle is definitely making a statement this year! If you're looking for ways to dive into this glitter trend, add a little shimmer to your cheeks or on the lips. During New York Fashion Week, models were overflowing with glitter from their hair, eyes, cheeks and arms. Think 90s body glitter for this current European beauty trend. 

From expressing your natural beauty with a more minimalistic approach to extending your lashes and indulging in glitter, you can expect to see these beauty trends and more hitting the U.S. in 2019!

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