Unique Models: A Closer Look at Fashion's Favorite Flaws

Just a new look at some of the flaws of the fashion world.

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Not so long ago, the modeling industry only accepted women from a strict, short list of defining features. A small nose, large eyes spaced wide apart, a gorgeous smile with even teeth and a long neck were the epitome of beauty. All-American features were it and a lithe body of at least 5'9".

Nowadays, models with imperfect features have also become stars of the runway; these women are embraced for their "blemishes" and add more inclusivity to fashion industry trends.

Unique features are in vogue, and people find this attitude refreshing.

Martha Hunt — Victoria's Secret Model

When it comes to sexy lingerie, models that pose in these campaigns appear to have the ultimate ideal body and face with zero room for any flaws.

Martha Hunt, however, has changed all of that; the famous Victoria's Secret model proudly graces the runway and ad campaigns in her bra and panties. If you look closely, a very long, very thin scar runs the length of her back.

Hunt was born with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and has become a champion for women who deal with body imperfection. She had spinal fusion surgery to correct the deformity, and her career took off.

It is important to note that the deformity was corrected. According to Hudson Valley Scoliosis, untreated/undiagnosed scoliosis can pose significant risk to victims and cause pain as well as reduced physical activity in order to avoid it.

Winnie Harlow — Fashion Runway Standout

The striking Canadian model was once bullied for her unique features; she happens to have vitiligo, a condition in which the skin loses its pigment and color in patches.

Harlow has become famous as fashion industry trends move toward a more exotic beauty with imperfections. She's a confident star on the runway and has walked for major designers like Marc Jacobs, Julien Macdonald, Matty Boven, and R13.

"It's time we open the market up and embrace people from all walks of life," Harlow says about the modeling world.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as comfortable in their skin as Winnie. Companies like AVRF gather donations for vitiligo research and safer, more effective treatments like cover-ups, sunscreens, and skin bleaching.

Lily Aldridge — VS Angel and Style Icon

Teeth have become another imperfection igniting fashion industry trends. Models with wonderful smiles no longer need the straightest, most even pearly whites around.

VS Angel Lily Aldridge and models like Georgia May Jagger and Ashley Smith are admired for their unique smile features. Elegant Aldridge has appeared on fashion covers with her gorgeous gap-toothed grin, and she wouldn't change a thing.

Her "not-so-perfect" gap adds a bit of edge and allows her to stand out, and proves that you don't need perfect teeth to succeed in the fashion industry. However, that doesn't mean that totally neglecting your teeth will come into vogue anytime soon. As Broadway Dental highlights, dental care goes way beyond cosmetic value.

Society is changing, and fashion is a true forecaster. Perfect is no longer the ideal. "There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting." ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

No matter your flaws, you are beautiful and deserve to look your best. Shop The Odivo’s Featured Collection today to see what’s trending.

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