Fun Looks to Hide Those Unwanted Leg Veins

Keeping your legs strong will help fight those unwanted leg veins.

Fun Looks to Hide Those Unwanted Leg Veins

Varicose veins are those small, twisted and often bunched up veins that form in your body. Most varicose veins develop as you age and while these kinds of veins can occur anywhere in the body. Legs are usually the target area because of the pressure your lower body experiences when walking and standing. Short of surgery, there are not many options for directly removing the visual appearance. However, that doesn't mean you can't cover them up. With just a few fashionable wardrobe adjustments, you'll quickly regain your confidence.

Knee High Boots

The beauty of boots is you can find fashionable options in nearly any size. This way, you can cover up, regardless of the location of a varicose vein. Outside of wearing pants 24/7, this is one of the better options around. It's also one of the more expensive options though, so keep that in mind.


From rocking leggings to yoga pants, these form-fitting pants are almost impossible to not look great in. The tightness helps showcase your figure while covering up blemishes. Best of all, leggings have become so popular that you can find an assortment of designs and colors. Everything from standard black to Star Wars and Disney prints is available. So feel free to showcase not only your stylish side but your personality as well.


Perhaps you're going to an event that requires a dress or more formal attire. You may not be able to wear the other options. But not to worry, you can always go back to the classic pantyhose. The flesh colored options are great at covering up blemishes while giving you the perfect looking legs (and if you invest in the right kind of pantyhose, you can even get away with not shaving before the event). You can always go with other color options as well, including black pantyhose with a black dress, or another altogether to add a bit of interest to your outfit. Just like yoga pants, there are plenty of clothing options, looks, and colors to choose from, all of which hide away any leg blemishes you don't want to be seen.

Just because you have a varicose vein here or there doesn't mean you can't go out with confidence. You need a few different options in the wardrobe. So from knee-high boots to leggings and pantyhose, there are several options for you, depending on what you're interested in and the kind of event your attending.


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