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Skin Troubles? Find Out What Your Skin Type Is

Here are some ways to find out what is wrong with your skin.


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Trends For All Seasons

Here’s some friendly advice from a very good and generous fashion genius of our generation who has chosen modestly to remain anonymous. You’ve heard that fashion is a way of life countless times. You may have heard that you are addressed as you are dressed. It cannot be overemphasized. The right outfit has the amazing power of transforming you into a whole different personality.


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Raster For The Fashion Master - Playing Pixel Games

Who knew playing pixel games of yore that now this old stuff will be a hot hot trend. Neither Mario nor Luigi appeared to imagine the Pac-Man watch by Romain Jerome or...

Not Cyber-Punk, Just Cyber-Cossak Ksenia Schnaider

Con5truct your dr3am, fee1 your fr33d0m - these are the main ideas of high-tech progress.


Ethno Spirit by Designer Karavay

Brand KARAVAY, formed back in 2003, prefers conceptual projection. Thematically treated collection becomes the next direction in realization of the high principles. There're three such directions marked: ukrainism, festivity, feminineness.