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These three cosmetic tricks are useful to any makeup enthusiast



3 European Beauty Trends Hitting America in 2019

There are so many innovative indie brands born every single day. With the endless stream of new products and trends taking over social media, it's easy to see why the beauty industry is thriving. This year's top Fashion Week trends have served up some major inspiration, especially in the hair and beauty department. Let's take a look at the top European beauty trends that are hitting the U.S. this year.


3 Ways NOT to Whiten Your Teeth & What to Do Instead

Nothing makes a face light up quite like a bright white smile. However, you could be causing lasting damage to teeth if you are not careful with some of the various teeth whitening products and home remedies. Before you reach for that latest treatment, be sure to read about these three ways to NOT whiten your teeth and learn what to do instead.


Dietary Detoxes That Will Make Your Skin Glow (No Makeup Needed!)

Here are some detox ideas to help your skin glow

Dietary Detoxes That Will Make Your Skin Glow No Makeup Needed
Aloe Vera in Your Beauty Routine

Here are just some ideas on how you can stay looking young

The 5 Best Beauty Products for Preserving Your Youth


accessories that break with the minimalistic monochromatic background of contemporary style


If you have been paying close (or maybe even distant) attention to runway trends over the past decade, you will notice an overwhelming use of nature inspired motifs being incorporated in jewelry designs. While most designers use plant twigs or floral stems as a safe option for designing their jewelry, some bold mavericks walk down the difficult path of using representatives of the animal world-and not just silhouette outlines, but exact body pattern down to the last detail.