3 Ways NOT to Whiten Your Teeth & What to Do Instead


Here are some things you should think about before whitening your teeth.

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Nothing makes a face light up quite like a bright white smile. However, you could be causing lasting damage to teeth if you are not careful with some of the various teeth whitening products and home remedies. Before you reach for that latest treatment, be sure to read about these three ways to NOT whiten your teeth and learn what to do instead:

Activated Charcoal

While activated charcoal might be billed as the latest and greatest miracle teeth whitener, this treatment comes with a host of risks. Although activated charcoal may absorb stubborn stains, its abrasiveness causes enamel erosion. Because charcoal treatments do not usually contain fluoride, its use may put you at an increased risk for cavities and other types of tooth decay. The Dr Steven Lin explains that charcoal may make your teeth whiter, but it’s usually not worth it.

Hydrogen Peroxide

When used full strength as a tooth whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide can permanently damage the teeth. If you swish with hydrogen peroxide straight up, you run the risk of damaging the enamel of your teeth. The use of hydrogen peroxide can also increase gum sensitivity, making it uncomfortable to use this type of treatment.

Lemon Juice

Although it may seem like a safe and all natural option, the use of lemon juice as a way to whiten teeth is not recommended.Warns that lemon juice is a citric acid that can leach the calcium out of teeth when applied directly. When the teeth lose calcium, they begin to discolor and turn yellow. This will end up doing more harm than good, making it a good idea to avoid using any type of citrus as a whitening agent. Pronamel suggests that if extensive enamel damage occurs it may be wise to use a product that restores enamel and protects teeth.

Ultimately, Leave It to the Professionals

In the long run, you will see safer and more effective results if you leave the treatment to the professional cosmetic dentists. Loren J. Grossmanexplains that professional whitening treatments are much stronger yet safe compared to anything else on the market. State-of-the-art LED lighting technology is used to achieve the best results in a shorter amount of time. With one visit, you can leave with long-lasting results up to eight shades whiter. And you will leave with the peace of mind of knowing that you did not do anything to damage your teeth or overall oral health.

You can have a bright and beautiful smile. You just need to be careful about what methods you use to achieve this coveted look. With the right research and execution, you can flash those pearly whites with confidence.

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