Luxe Design meets Rockstar Glam meets Handcrafted Perfection

The accessory world has been rocked by the new pieces from the eclectic, extravagant SS18 Accessory collection by Jewelry Designer, Lada Legina.

With her finger on the pulse of what is unique, trendy and daring, Legina showcases her special style which combines old - school luxury with edgy creativity and stunning design elements, in her new, glamorous campaign shoot.

"She wore the glamorous brooch like a rockstar, unapologetically and fearlessly, commanding the stage. She doesn’t want to blend in. She is who she is — bold, daring and expressing her individuality through her beautiful, sparkling jewelry."

These words perfectly zero in on the real essence of a Lada Legina design. Her meticulously styled advertising campaign echoes the inspiration behind the SS18 collection, by blending Hollywood glamour with edgy, punk rock details. It combines striking, dark hues with sparkling sequins, luxe fabrics and colorful accents that create big drama and big glam. The models are carefully styled to highlight the way that these stunning Lada Legina pieces, can elevate your look to another level. This collection is not one for the faint of heart — it’s for the showstoppers, the rock stars, the Bohemian queens, and anyone who isn’t afraid of not looking like everyone else.

It is precisely because of this dedication to the uniqueness that her collection only consists of a few, specially crafted pieces. Only a handful of each accessory is developed because Legina believes that an accessory is meant to help you stand apart from the crowd. She also believes in traditional design techniques which make her accessories particularly special. Her level of attention to detail and traditional crafting techniques means that her work simply cannot be mass - produced — it must be designed with patience and love.

“I strongly believe that you can feel when something is handcrafted, you can sense the heart and soul that the artisan put into crafting it. I strive to create art that yields back towards the old-fashioned traditions of handwork and artisanship,” expressed Legina.

Lada Legina is pioneering a style revolution — one that steps away from all things average, basic or regular and asks you to be fearless and unapologetic. Fearless and apologetic with both how you wear your clothes, and how you live life.

Her line of a range of handcrafted accessories includes pearl, sequin, and crystal embellished brooches, masks, earrings, chic headbands and more. The Lada Legina SS18 collection and brand - new campaign photoshoot, are both now available at and

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